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Ask The Shifu - Part 2

How to train with ill-health or injury Q:A doctor told me that my shoulder injury is fully healed but I still have pain and stiffness, what would you recommend I do? A: Injuries usually take about 100 days to recover but this doesn't mean you don't do anything for 100 days. Stretching and practicing the Qigong from my "The Way Of Qigong Volume 1, 2 or 3" will help your body to recover properly. The only Qigong that wouldn't be suitable is Qigong for Lower or Upper Body as this would be too hard for your injuries. As the stiffness starts to ease, you can start to slowly factor in doing some push-ups and squats. But you need to be careful and listen to your body. Don't be too impatient to start training again. If your joints feel pain then this means you are doing something incorrectly and you should stop. Q:Is it okay to go straight into Qigong without a warm up? A: Maybe you don't need to do a body warm up but you need to do a mind warm up because you need t…

What's Your Goal?

Do you want to improve your health and wellness ? Maximize your martial arts? Control your weight? Turn back the clock? Identify the areas you want to improve and let me guide you on the right path. Using the correct combination of my DVDs and resources will deliver your desired results. Shaolin Martial Arts challenges us and helps us to reach the full potential in ourselves that we only dreamt of before. Using the powerful life energy that exists inside our body, we can make ourselves healthy and balanced.
Health and Wellness
The Western focus on exercise has mainly been on making the body look beautiful through weight and cardio training. But this is starting to change. On the Oprah Winfrey show, Dr. Oz said, "If you want to be healthy and live to 100, do Qigong." How can Shaolin Monks train all their lives, while remaining free of injury and looking younger than their years? How can they be beaten with bricks or sticks and not feel any pain? 
The answer is a magical combinat…

How To Nip A Problem In The Bud

I have many bad character traits but one thing I'm grateful to my masters for teaching me is simplicity. Maybe I'm a little stupid but I don't think over and over again in the way I've noticed many of my Western students do. They run their problems round and round their mind like marbles.

Shantideva said:
“If you can solve your problem, Then what is the need for worrying? If you cannot solve it, Then what is the use of worrying?”
This quote is very powerful because it moves us away from worry and inaction and gets us to the root of what we need to do. What is it that is making you anxious or worried? Can you do something to change it? If the answer is yes then do it. If the answer is no then you need to find a way to accept it. This is the end of the story. You don't need to think about this problem anymore. Move on.  If you find it hard to move on then this Chinese proverb is for you:
塞翁失馬焉知非福 (Saiweng Shima, Yanzhi Feifu). The Old Man Who Lost His Horse

During the Han Dyn…