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Over Training Syndrome (OTS) - Fact or Fiction?

Is it really possible to over-train? Yes indeed, over training can be just as negative to results as under training. It is a proven fact that too much can be just as detrimental to progress as too little.

You may immediately ask "well, how do giants such as Arnie get so big and train so hard? " This training business is not as simple as ABC, but famous athletes such as Arnie work under constant supervision, and most ( if not all ) take supplements, including hormone. We are not trying here to discourage good hard training, but rather just point out that there are limits and to be aware of them.

In the extreme, symptoms of OTS can include fatigue and lack of performance, abnormal hormone production and immune system depression. All this can be very detrimental to you health and well being.

So how do we avoid this? Firstly, always be aware to give your body sufficient time to recover. This time period will vary considerably depending on your condition, how hard you work out, and …

5 Organic Ways to Detoxify Your Body

Our modern life blesses us with the latest amenities and facilities to make our life easier. However, the stress and cost of achieving these have taken a toll on our health. It is not uncommon for young individuals to get afflicted with hypertension, high blood pressure, anxiety and all the ills associated with modern lifestyles. The human body gets filled with poisonous toxins that can produce long-term adverse effects. The only way to combat this situation is to detoxify your body naturally.

Five organic ways to distress and detoxify

1. Have a fiber rich diet

A healthy diet should always include a fiber rich menu. Fiber cleans up the toxic waste material from the body, helps absorb nutrients better, simulate body's natural stress fighting hormones and enhances metabolism. The symptoms of severe stress include bloating, constipation etc. A fiber rich diet helps to detoxify the body by keeping the body fluids at adequate levels.

2. Aromatherapy

Human senses are responsive to the pleasa…