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Are You In A Workout Rut?

You may have a great martial art's routine but  are you in  a rut?  In order for your body to work at its optimal you need to keep surprising it. 
My 15 DVDs complement each other and keep your body surprised as they move you through traditional kung fu, hard and soft Qigong, Shaolin Tai Qi, and the fighting arts. Once you know the moves on the DVDs, you can get creative and start mixing them up to make your own workouts. 
Even if you're not working with my DVDs, your workouts still need to have elements of surprise. If you don't confuse your body, it will get lazy and reach a plateau where it's no longer burning fat as quickly as it should, and your fitness levels, flexibility and skill are no longer increasing. Here's my six top tips to how you can keep your mind and body in optimal fitness.
Please note these tips are not for beginners but for those who already have a solid martial arts or workout schedule.
1) Switch Your Workouts
Do bag work one day, Qigong the next, …

One Small Step To Transform Your Training

For this blog post you will need a pen and paper.
What small step can you take to improve your health and fitness?  Or, if you're a martial artist or fighter, what small step can you take to make your skill better? Write it down- writing something down increases the likelihood that you will do it. Don't make it ambitious - The Tao Te Ching says: "With expectation, One will always perceive the boundary"  Make sure it's simple and doable. If it isn't then think again. Schedule this small step into your diary for the whole month. Make a note of where you are now so that you will be able to see the improvement you've made. Keep acting on this small step. (This one step is something you're going to build on later on and I'll explain how in next month's blog post. ) The famous basketball coach, John Wooden says, "When you improve a little every day, eventually big things occur. Don't look for the big quick improvement. Seek the small improvement o…