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Instant Health and Fitness is about using what we do as a pathway to wholeness and inner peace. It's about understanding that the inner health of our body is just as important as the outer health. When I was a boy at the Shaolin Temple my master taught me that when I practiced kung fu I did kung fu meditation, when I ran I did running meditation and fighting meditation and eating meditation... This act of meditation helps us to stay calm, free and anchored to the only place of power which is the now.

My name is Shifu Yan Lei, I’m from China and I came to the UK in 2000 to help my brother open an authentic Shaolin school in London. I found that the Shaolin class not only increased my student’s health and fitness levels but also their confidence and sense of happiness. This is why I started to make Qigong and Kung Fu DVDs and books. My mission is to share with as many people as possible authentic Shaolin. Though sometimes I prefer not to call what I do Shaolin or martial arts because people can have preconceptions about what this means. Qigong and Kung Fu is just exercise Chinese style! Nothing special, nothing strange.

Of course, Shaolin is also about art and beauty and demonstration but this is not what I do. I don’t do gymnastics (though I did some when I was a boy), I don’t do weapons, and I can’t stand on my head or do somersaults. I’m a 34th generation Shaolin master who specializes in using what I learnt for fitness, fighting and longevity. Through my facebook, blog, newsletters, books and DVDs, I hope to share my twenty-five years experience with you so you can bring to your life the wholeness, health and inner satisfaction that you seek.

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