4 Small Steps To Wellness

1) One small step

"When you improve a little each day, eventually big things occur... Don't look for the big, quick improvement. Seek the small improvement one day at a time." John Wooden - successful basketball coach

Taking one small step makes our training manageable. If you can keep your skill over the winter months and not lose your stamina or technique this means you are improving. If you've stopped training, then take two movements from The Eight Treasures Qigong form and practice them for a few minutes every morning. It will make you feel better and give you the motivation to keep going.

2) Integrate the training into your life

Everything we do can be an expression of our Shaolin training. When we stand in a queue we can spend that time to go over in our mind the form we are practicing. When we walk to the supermarket we can walk quickly to help our fitness. If you have kids, go to the park and play football or tag. Teach your kids how to do the Five Fundamental Stances and have fun with it.

3) Get outside

The more you stay inside the more you start to feel lazy so try to go outside at least once a week and do your training in a park or an outside space. It may be a little cold but the autumn air is cool and refreshing. Training outside can help to ground and connect us with the greater Qi.  

4) Stay in the present moment

 "The moon's reflection on the surface of the water moves incessantly. Yet the moon shines and goes nowhere; it stays but it moves"

Now never returns. Every breath we breathe can never come back. The breath that comes after is never the one that came before. Yesterday was yesterday and today is different. If we can concentrate on the here and now then we can keep our practice fresh and new.

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